Outstanding software products in perfect symbiosis!

Quote: ‘Symbiosis’ is understood to generally mean the interaction of two systems for mutual gain

After all, our software products make PDF creation more simple, convenient and flexible for you to use by employing a PDF converter module based on the technology of OpenOffice.org 3!

This is made possible by the release of OpenOffice.org under the LGPL (Lesser General Public Licence), which we use for this purpose. Within the scope of this licence, we are required to make modifications to the OpenOffice.org source code available, where necessary. However, we have only made modifications in one area in order to adapt the CLSID constants of the OpenOffice.org local server to make it compatible with our software products, although we also had to specifically compile and optimise OpenOffice.org itself, so that it works perfectly with our software for you.

We therefore suggest you download the source code from the OpenOffice.org website (http://www.openoffice.org) if you should be interested in this. You can also contact us if you require our assistance with this. The extremely minor modifications that we have made to the source code are available to you free of charge at any time. Simply get in touch!

During the installation of our products, a copy of the LGPL licence agreement will be installed as a text file, as specified in the LGPL and can be viewed at any time in the installation directory for our products in the directory "..\lib\App\OOo". However, the OpenOffice.org LGPL licence agreement is explicitly not transferrable to our products.

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