Upgrade to the full version of 7-PDF Maker Portable for your USB stick today. This offers the following advantages compared to the shareware version:

  • Lifetime licence:
    Buy the product and use it permanently without any subsequent costs (including new versions). Guaranteed NO SUBSCRIPTION! Learn more about our long-standing LIFETIME LICENSE Success Model...

  • Permanent suppression of the start dialog

  • PDF documents without the "PLEASE REGISTER" lettering

  • Multiple use on all your personal storage media

  • Functional value retention through one-off license key acquisition without time limit, without internet dependency, without risk of disadvantageous license model changes in the future

  • You retain your data sovereignty because your files remain on your PC

  • Priority support for licence holders

Future upgrades are free! Your one-time licence key also authorises you to unlock future update versions of our software for free. This means you will have no further licence costs for new versions. We promise!

One licence is required per user. If the user would like to use the software on several portable storage media at the same time, this is covered by an individual licence as long as the storage media do not belong to third parties or another user.

You can order on account if you need 5 licences or more (companies/authorities from Germany only). To do this, simply send us an email with the number of licences you require and your invoice address. Low-cost corporate group and small business licences available on request!

After purchasing, you will be sent your required full version licence key(s) automatically by email.

The full version licence key is entered into the program via the licence key button and converts the demo version into the full version:

Enter license key in the start dialog window

Note that these prices are a single payment (not a recurring subscription).