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A server licence is essential for the commercial use of the 7-PDF Server software after 30 days. A licence for 7-PDF Server offers you the following options:

  • Lifetime licence:
    Buy the product and use it permanently, without any subsequent costs

  • Can be used for commercial purposes

  • Free access to future updates

  • Based on the community freeware version, which has been installed and tested tens of thousands of times

  • Priority support for licence holders

Your license also authorises you to operate future update versions of our software commercially. This means you will have no further licence costs for new versions. We promise!

If you would like to use the software on several server systems at once, each server system needs its own separate licence.

You can order a server licence on account (companies/authorities from germany only). To do this, simply send us an email with your invoice address.

Once payment has been completed successfully, you will be sent your invoice. This settled invoice also serves as your proof of licence. The licence holder is also listed in our licensing system.

A licence key is neither needed to unlock the software nor provided by us for the licensing process. The software is freely available on our website, and can be downloaded for commercial use at any time.

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