PDF documents are actually unchangeable. Nevertheless, we would like to edit the text in a PDF. On this page we will show you how to do that.

PDF files are immutable, actually a vectorized graphics format that you can't easily change. Especially not the text printed or captured in it. If you want to change this, you will quickly reach its limits with the usual tools such as the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. But there are special PDF converters with which you can still edit the content and text of a PDF document. We present them here with our PDF to Word Converter this special software. You will quickly notice what advantages it offers, because the layout of the existing PDF document is usually 1:1 simply transferred to a Microsoft Word document. Existing tables, tables of contents, texts and graphics from the PDF can thus be easily edited directly with Word!

This is how it works: Extract PDF text first, then edit it!

To be able to edit your PDF text, we load your PDF into our PDF to Word Converter "7-PDF2Word Converter" and convert the PDF to a Word file with one "click". How to edit and convert a PDF is shown in the following graphic:

Edit PDF text

To transfer your PDF text to Word for easy editing, select the desired PDF document in our PDF to Word Converter, and then press the big "Convert PDF now" button in 7-PDF2Word.

The PDF is automatically loaded into Microsoft Word after conversion with our converter. The layout is mostly taken 1:1 from the PDF. The PDF text is available for editing together with the formatting stored in the PDF. So you can (re-)edit your PDF text as usual and very easily with Microsoft Word.

Your PDF and Word files stay on your system - PROMISED!

If you want to edit a PDF, our PDF to Word Converter ensures that all files remain stored locally on your system and are not transferred to the cloud or the web. So your files don't have to leave your computer for a PDF to Word conversion. We think this is a significant advantage over internet-based solutions or cloud programs!

Video Tutorial

The video is currently only available in German. We ask for apology!


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