New 7-PDF Mailer PlugIn: Optimize Your Printing Processes More Efficiently!

With the new 7-PDF Mailer PlugIn, you get a powerful solution for print process optimization. Use external commands and control codes to customize your print jobs. Send print jobs via email and tailor the email text to your needs. With a comprehensive selection of control codes, including @@to, you'll optimize your print processes more efficiently than ever. More informations...


  • Unique port names when installing multiple PDF printers. This makes Windows show all printers.
  • Remove the path from the suggested file name in the Save As dialog.
  • Fix for 32-bit Windows version.
  • Fix for sending to email addresses with special top domains.
  • Better support for environments where cmd.exe is blocked.
  • Support for Ghostscript 10.01.2. This version of Ghostscript fixes the security issue CVE-2023-36664. This vulnerability has been classified as critical. It is therefore recommended to update the software.


  • Dependency fix for some operating systmes fixed.
  • URL download corrections.
  • PrintToPrinter functionallity restored.
  • License terms updated.


  • TLS3 support in SMTP mail.
  • Support for Ghostscript 9.56.
  • Compression of TIFF files added.
  • Support for setting RSA or DSA key algorithems with SFTP.
  • Fix for TMP and TEMP environment variable mismatch.
  • Removed PDF linearization feature.
  • Updated translations.

New Version 5.0 - now with support for Windows Server 2022 and full compatibility with the latest Microsoft Office 2021!

Editing PDF files with the latest Office version 2021 from Microsoft we have ensured for you with this new version of our PDF2Word Converter. We have also optimized and released the software for Windows Server 2022. More informations...

NEW Version 7.2 - With further technical optimizations when extracting/rotating PDF files!

With version 7.2 we have made further technical optimizations especially in extracting and rotating PDF files. Upgrade to version 7.2 today! More informations...

New Version 4.1 - PDF to Word Converter with Console Mode (separte license required) and better PDF conversion performance!

Version 4.1 of our PDF editing program 7-PDF2Word Converter continuously increases the quality and performance of PDF editing! The improvements include increased stability for terminal servers and for virtualized platforms, including use in cloud environments. Also new is the release of the program for PDF editing for Windows 11. Experience the highest quality in compatibility and performance when editing your PDF files directly with Microsoft Office 365 and older. You can download the new version now at the following link. More informations...

NEW Version 7.1 - Improves performance and stability!

With version 7.1 of our PDF software 7-PDF Split & Merge we have focused on increasing performance, improving stability and minor bug fixes. You can download the new version now under the following link. More informations...

Today we made a donation of 250 EUR for the management of the flood disaster in Germany. The pictures from the flooded areas are shocking and we decided to help our compatriots with this small financial donation hopefully a little. If you would like to donate spontaneously, please find attached the link to Aktion Deutschland hilft...

NEW Version 7.0 - Now offers comfortable rotating and extracting of PDF pages!

With version 7.0 of our PDF software 7-PDF Split & Merge, we have added two additional tabs for convenient rotation and extraction of your PDF pages. Rotate and split in general, or individually for each PDF according to freely definable page ranges. More informations...


  • Improved email functionality.
  • Fix for error 429 on some computers.
  • Fix for periodical Ghostscript error.
  • Fix for problem with text file output.

We have added a PDF Booster to 7-PDF Split & Merge in version 6.0, because especially the splitting of PDFs is twice as fast as before. An increase of a whopping 200% compared to previous versions. In addition, the new version uses even fewer resources than before. We have been able to reduce the required RAM by a factor of 10 (!), and despite this reduction in resources, we can still process larger PDF files than ever before. Who knows what we have in mind for version 7.0... Until then, have fun with version 6!

With our latest version we have extended our PDF Split and Merge Tool so that you can now split several PDF files with one split run. Until version 5.0, this was limited to only one file. In addition, the software is now also available in French, Italian and Spanish. Furthermore, we have adapted and modernised our manual. And last but not least, we have fixed some workflow improvements and bugs. So it's worth downloading the latest version and using it productively. We are looking forward to a lot of positive feedback from you. Stay healthy in 2021 and stay loyal to us.


  • Multiple printer ports to support concurrent printing.
  • Additional SFTP signature algorithms.
  • Macro names in customgui setting.
  • Support for Ghostscript 9.53.
  • Send mail via SMTP.
  • Multiple mail attachments.
  • New optionset macro name.
  • New uploadpermissions setting to control permissions with FTP upload.
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 was discontinued.
  • Split function added to the API.
  • Updated translations.


  • Support for monitors with high DPI.
  • Fix for start and end page when sending a PDF to a printer.
  • Extended support for copy/paste of Chinese characters in PDF documents.

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It took a few months of hard work to replace our old website with a new, modern and responsive web presence (optimized for smartphones, tablets and PCs). We hope you like our new website. We'd love to hear about your opinion!


  • Abort print job if user in not interactive and dialogs should be shown.
  • PrintToPrinter features fixed for running as a shared network printer.
  • Fix for size of background PDF when running as a shared network printer.