In the FAQ section of our PDF to Word Converter PDF program you will find a question and answer catalog that we will constantly expand with the time and if necessary to new topics.

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Invalid floating-point operation

This error occurs very rarely, but, in this case, please alter the conversion mode of the PDF to Word converter from the standard setting ‘automatic conversion mode (default)’ to a user-defined mode!

It would be best to use the user-defined conversion with tabs here. After altering the conversion mode, please try to convert the PDF to Word again.

If necessary, you should alter further settings options on the ‘advanced settings’ tab if the problem occurs again. You can try to further specify the extraction options to exclude the incompatible content of the PDF document from the conversion during the PDF to Word transfer.

This error occurs when PDF2Word Converter automatically tries to open Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice following successful conversion, despite the respective program already being open.

The opened text processing software may even block the creation of the converted Word file. If this error occurs, you should ensure that Word etc. has not been launched. Then try again. This should rectify the problem.

In this case, switch the conversion mode to “Reformat document (reflow)” and try again.

When the layout has not been transferred cleanly to Word, the error is generally not due to 7-PDF2Word. The problem usually lies with the PDF file itself, i.e. it contains errors, is defective etc.

To solve this problem, we have added an automatic repair and optimisation routine to our PDF printer software, 7-PDF Printer, which automatically repairs PDF documents when printing again to PDF (via Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewers).

The newly created file can then usually be converted with 7-PDF2Word without losing the layout.

Presumably, her original PDF file contained only image information. So pictures that were saved in a PDF. A good example of this would be a PDF generated by a fax machine or scanner. These devices only "capture" the contents of a printed paper and save it as a PDF file, but without actually saving the content in platform-independent, vectorized digital information in the form of a "real" PDF file. And exactly this content you get in Word. So an image that was in the PDF document. Since Word is not a graphics application, you can not edit this image data.

You may NOT be able to produce editable Word documents if one of the following conditions applies:

  • The PDF was created by a scanner
  • The PDF is a form

* A scan to PDF simply embedds an image into the PDF. We would say, it's a PDF bluff package - however, you do not what the content from the PDF, rather from the image! So the method is not PDF2Word, rather OCR2Word.

If you have further questions about the program, please contact our free eMail support. Otherwise, we wish you much pleasure with our PDF to Word Converter!

In the FAQ section of our PDF Printer you will find a question and answer catalog which we will constantly expand with the time and if necessary to new topics.

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Yes, if the printer is installed normally by an administrator then all users can use the printer.

If you define links in your document inside a program such as Microsoft Word then only the text is printed to the PDF file. The Adobe PDF Reader will recognize a text that shows a valid hyperlink and underline that text. This means that you have to type the entire web address or email address for the text to be recognized as a link in the resulting document.

All editions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.x, 10, 11 as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2012 to 2022.

Yes. It works on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. The setup program looks at your system and decides to install either the 64 or 32 bit driver.

There is an MSI file available at the download page.

This error can occur under Windows Vista if you have a corrupt driver cache file. Try deleting C:\Windows\inf\INFCACHE.1 and run the setup program again.

Just run the installation program and install the new one on top of the old one.

The license is a license.xml file that you simply copy to the program folder. This is the folder where gui.exe is located. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the documentation for the PDF printer.

This is "by design" from Microsoft and started with Windows 7. There is a workaround for this design from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2015694

Yes. There are a lot of different parameters supported by the setup program that will control an unattended installation.

There is no need for a trial license. The version you can download has all the functionality already. Nothing is blocked because you don't have a license. You can just download the product and test everything before you decide to buy.

We have an Excel sheet with all the texts in the program. You can request this file and help us translate the program into your language.

You will find support for PDF 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7.

The printer supports the following formats: Letter, Ledger, Legal, A3, A4, A5, 11x17, Note, A2, A6, LetterSmall, A0, A1, A4Small, A7, A8, A9, A10, ISO B0, ISO B1, ISO B2, ISO B3, ISO B4, ISO B5, ISO B6, JIS B0, JIS B1, JIS B2, JIS B3, JIS B4, JIS B5, JIS , 6, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, ARCHE, ARCHD, ARCHC, ARCHB, ARCHA, ARCHE1, ARCHE1 Half, FLSA, FLSE, HalfLetter, PA4.

You can define your own paper size if none of the listed formats fits your need.

Yes. You can set the file name in the options dialog. The options dialog is located in the start menu of your computer.

Open the options dialog from the start menu and change the File Name option to something like <personal> \ <smarttitle> .pdf. Das <personal> macro refers to the My Documents folder. You may want to remove the check mark in the Remember last folder option.

The fast answer is no. The problem is that all the PDF writer sees is a print job generated by the printing application. A print job does not contain any information that will link it to the original document.

Watermarks are placed under the print that you make. Some programs such as Internet Explorer prints a white background instead of leaving the background transparent. The white background blocks the view of the watermark. Other programs such as Microsoft Word leave the background transparent and you can see the watermark.

The PDF printer offers the extracttext setting for this, which extracts the print data and then makes it readable via the VBScript event handler and macro programming. If you have no programming knowledge, we offer individual service. As a rule, this macro programming, which has to be created once, is completed in a few hours and is therefore certainly affordable in the corporate environment.

If you have further questions about the program, please contact our free eMail support. Otherwise we wish you a lot of fun with our PDF Printer!

In the FAQ Section of our PDF Makers you will find a question / answer catalog which we will constantly expand with the time and if necessary to new topics.

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No, use our PDF Printer for this. Although you can use suitable open source software, such as PortableSigner, and sign the PDF later. You can download PortableSigner here.

Recent tests have shown that 7-PDF Maker can also be used with Windows 64-bit systems. In addition to Windows Vista 64-bit, a user test has also been performed and passed using Windows 7/10 64-bit. Thanks to everyone for carrying out the testing!

With Outlook and Thunderbird, you can save e-mails as RTF or HTML files and easily convert them to PDF with 7-PDF Maker. To receive an email directly as a PDF, you can also refer to our PDF Printer. Via the print dialog of your eMail client you will receive a PDF of every eMail you want.

For such requirements, we have developed the PDF Composer tool PDF Split and Merge for you. The small Windows tool can not only merge several PDF files together: If necessary, you can flexibly cut existing PDFs as well. You can download our PDF Split and Merge software as free freeware here!

Very easily. Use Word or OpenOffice Writer. Place the JPEG graphics on the Word or OpenOffice pages and save the entire document. Then you can create the desired PDF with 7-PDF Maker.

Yes. You can install 7-PDF Printer! We provide the PDF printer to all private users free of charge as freeware. The free PDF printer prints a PDF from almost any Windows application, has multi-instance capability, supports PDF watermarks and PDF backgrounds (stationery function), can create documents conforming to PDF /A-1, among others, also prints content as BMP, EPS, PS, PNG, PCX, JPEG, TIFF and MultiTIFF files, and offers 128/40-bit PDF password and rights encryption.

The PDF printer is suitable for the creation of high-resolution PDF files which are required for the pre-press stage in the printing industry (CMYK - colour spaces, high resolution). You can find a detailed overview of all the PDF features offered by our free virtual PDF printer. here.

The possibilities of this software are very wide-ranging. In addition to the download option, all users also have access to a comprehensive online user manual.

Yes. The portable version of 7-PDF Maker can be operated on Linux in connection with Wine very easily. A video on this has been uploaded to YouTube by Michael Kliewe, clearly showing how to carry out the installation.

Video: 7-PDF Maker under Linux

Yes. 7-PDF Maker no longer requires a print dialogue and does not act as a PDF printer, which is a crucial advantage over other PDF creators. This makes it possible to quickly and conveniently use the supplied Windows Explorer integration for this.

Windows Explorer integration for converting PDF files with a right mouse click

Highlight several documents directly in Windows Explorer - right-hand mouse button - 7-PDF - select Create PDF... - finished!

Yes. To do this, use 7p.exe - the command line version of 7-PDF Maker. In batch mode, you can also use it to ‘automate’ your PDF creation with Windows resources.

Console application of PDF Maker for mass conversion of documents to PDF

Well - the definition of a link (style) is actually always "blue". Therefore, 7-PDF creates blue "links" within the PDF documents, so that they are also recognizable as "references".

Yes. Windows developers can use the COM interface of 7-PDF Maker, which we supply as standard with version 1.2 and above. You can find more informations here...

We have developed the PDF composer tool 7-PDF Split & Merge for this very purpose. The small Windows tool is not only able to merge several PDF files together: if required, you can also divide up existing PDFs easily. You can download 7-PDF Split & Merge free of charge as freeware here...

This is unfortunately not possible using 7-PDF Maker, but you can do it with our free PDF printer, 7-PDF Printer.

The free PDF converter features a stationery function, which can be used to create CI-compatible invoices, for example. In addition, the free PDF printer also supports the creation of watermarks in the PDF. You can download 7-PDF Printer here.

This is also possible by taking a short detour. Save the Corel image in an image format that 7-PDF Maker supports and then convert this to PDF using 7-PDF Maker. You can find all the file and image formats supported by 7-PDF Maker here...

However, this can also be done directly using our free PDF creator,7-PDF Printer, via a print dialogue in CorelDraw..

Yes. By saving the Visio document as an image (BMP, JPG etc.) and then converting this image file to PDF using 7-PDF Maker.

The latest version of 7-PDF Maker cannot directly convert VISIO documents to PDF. If the result does not meet your expectations, you are sure to find the right solution in our free 7-PDF Printer software.

In addition to PDF files from VISIO, 7-PDF Printer can also create PDF documents from AutoCAD via the print dialogue which retain the original layout.

If you have further questions about the program, please contact our free eMail support. Otherwise we wish you a lot of fun with our PDF Maker!

Below are some general FAQs about the ordering, handling and cross-product use of our products.

All our PDF programs have been developed for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and for Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003.

Definitely not! All our paid programs are not subject to subscription compulsion. With us you receive only Lifetime licenses. Our low-priced license fees will only be charged once for all our paid programs! This sets us apart from many other PDF providers.

Yes, all our programs run directly in the functionalities of the freeware variants, which usually contains all the functions you want to test. All programs can therefore be extensively tested before upgrading to a PRO variant. You basically never buy the cat in a poke.

Yes, but only for our commercial PDF programs. For our PDF Printer 7-PDF Printer this option is optional for customers, for example from the company licensing. For group licenses of our other commercial PDF products, we optionally offer maintenance contracts upon customer request. All other users can contact our non-binding english-speaking support in case of problems, this is generally available free of charge.

No, all our programs are provided purely electronically. We do not ship software boxes and paper manuals. Alone for cost reasons. We prefer to pass these savings on to them - through cheap and fair license prices.

Companies, authorities and associations can order directly from us. We offer all other licensees an online license purchase through our distributor share-it Digital Rivers. The payment method available is PayPal as well as credit card and bank transfer. The accounting is done after the purchase here by shareIt and not by us.

No. All our programs are installed locally on your system and do not require internet connection. Not even for the licensing process and certainly not for the daily work with their files! What is stored on your systems stays on your systems.

You can always download our programs in their latest version from our website. The installed programs can then be automatically converted to the licensed full or pro version by entering a license key. However, you will receive this via e-mail after purchase, and thus electronically, an exact guide. A new installation is no longer necessary. Your invoice will also be sent to you by e-mail as PDF.