Our first class PDF TO WORD Converter for WINDOWS lets you convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Libreoffice to make (re-) editing the PDF content with these trusted Office applications child's play - and all this with outstanding accuracy!

Table contents are also converted with the layout reproduced faithfully, together with images and formatting and much more besides. Imported PDF tables can subsequently also be re-edited by copying & pasting from Word into Excel.

The pdf converter supports all Word versions from Office 97 and higher, including the latest Microsoft Word Version 2016!

PDF to Word Converter also supports Citrix XenApp and Terminal Servers
In addition to classic installation and use on all current Windows systems, our PDF to Word Converter can also be run on all current Citrix XenApp and Terminal Server Systems be used for multiple users.


UPGRADE TO FULL VERSION instead of $49.95, only $29.95!

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  • Premium PDF TO WORD converter
  • Support for Citrix MetaFrame and Terminal Server
  • Conversions are running only on your system! No transfer of your pdfs to web/cloud
  • NEW! Converts PDF files directly inside your Windows-Explorer
  • Converts PDF documents and tables while retaining layout
  • Super fast conversion rate
  • Transfers graphics, text alignment and paragraph formatting to Word
  • Supports conversion of headers and footers
  • Transfer of PDF tables of contents to Word
  • Transfer of PDF links
  • Identifies and positions lists and list elements
  • Automatic syllable division for continuous text
  • Conversion of complex tables for further processing in Excel while maintaining layout

The licence holder may install and use the software without restriction. You can also distribute and transfer this shareware version, although the licensed version is not transferrable and may not be distributed to or used by third parties even after registration.

Restrictions of the shareware:
The free download program version will convert the first three pages of a PDF to MS Word, only. For an unlimited full-version you have to order a license key that can upgrade the shareware installation easily to the unlimited version.

Our PDF to Word converter can be run on current Windows systems from Windows XP and above. Operation on Terminal and Citrix systems is also possible. We will be happy to provide free support during set-up via our customer support department.

Our software is a nativ PDF to Word Converter, and based not on OCR technology. For an accurate layout conversion to WORD you should use a vector-based PDF (no Scans), all necessary fonts available on your system that are used in the PDF, and the PDF should be in a page size that is compatible with WORD!


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