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Every user knows the Portable Document Format. PDF files preserve the original layout of a document. Then they can be opened, read and printed universally. But how are PDF files actually created? The 7-PDF Printer, which is completely free for home use, sets up a virtual printer driver under Windows that automatically converts all print jobs into a PDF. The new version 7.2 features a multi-copy feature and allows you to save recurring settings for quick reuse.

PDF Printer from 7-PDF

Short summary

  • The 7-PDF Printer 7.2 has been released
  • Set up a virtual printer driver on Windows
  • Generates PDFs from any program with print function
  • Works with PDF backgrounds (stationery function) and watermarks
  • NEW: Saves recurring settings
  • NEW: multi-copy function
  • NEW: Support for 64 bit Ghostscript 9.01 and higher
  • Price: for private users free of charge
  • Price: 23 euros for commercial users
  • Link:

What one writes with the text program A, the other can not necessarily open on his computer with program B. But if you want to exchange important utility files between multiple users and across multiple operating systems, you have to agree on a common standard. In the digital world, this is the Portable Document Format (PDF). Once created PDF files look the same on every machine - preserving the original design of the application in which they were created. The recipients of the PDF files use a free reader to open, read and print the PDFs.

The problem is only: far too few applications support the saving of their contents as PDF. The 7-PDF Printer, which is free for home users, changes this. The tool integrates into the system as a virtual printer driver. When used to "print" a document, no paper comes out of the printer. Instead, the printer driver writes a PDF file that can then be shared with friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues. Incidentally, anyone who wants can redirect the output to a BMP, EPS, JPG, PCX, PNG, PS or TIFF file.

Importantly, the 7-PDF Printer generates a PDF file quite simply with a mouse click. But it is also possible to configure the output and change numerous presets. So it is not a problem to name an author, to generate a web quick view, to increase the output quality of the PDF file, to use a separate PDF watermark or to set an encryption, so that only authorized persons with the correct password File can open.

7-PDF Printer 7.2: PDF printer now with multi-copy function

From now on the 7-PDF Printer is available in the new version 7.2. There are a whole series of important innovations:

- Save settings: The 7-PDF Printer offers a variety of different settings. Depending on which type of PDF is currently being created, the options set can always be different. In order to save the user a lot of time, it is now possible to save frequently used setting sets, so that they can be easily restored with the click of a mouse.

- Multi-copy function: Anyone who specifies a number of copies when "printing" a document ensures that these are copied one after the other into the PDF document. Then the PDF just needs to be printed to get the desired number of copies.

- Supports 64 bit Ghostscript 9.01 and higher: The 7-PDF Printer relies on Ghostscript for PDF generation. From now on, the new versions of Ghostscript are also supported.

7-PDF Printer 7.2: Extended functionality for system administrators

For private users the 7-PDF Printer is free, companies pay 23 Euro. In the payment version, the terminal server functions, which are already available in the freeware version, can be used permanently. These functions ensure that the printer can be used in batch mode or called up from other programs. Registered customers are also entitled to technical support via e-mail.

7-PDF Printer 7.2 (4.4 MB) is now available for download on the homepage. The program requires Windows 2000, XP (also x64), 2003 (also x64), Vista (also x64), 2008 or Windows 7 with GPL Ghostscript 8.64 or higher. If Ghostscript is not available yet, it will automatically be downloaded from the internet.

Developer Thorsten Hodes of the company 7-PDF: "Until September 30, we offer our customers a special summer discount of more than 15 percent on the commercial version of the 7-PDF Printer." (4174 characters, released for free reprint)


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