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Unfortunately, extracting content from a complex PDF file with tables and columns is easy enough to re-use as you like. The Windows 7-PDF 2 Word Converter tool converts the PDFs into an editable Word format - preserving the principle layout with tables, images and paragraph formatting. By the end of the year, the software costs only half.

PDF to Word Converter from 7-PDF

Short summary

  • 7-PDF 2 Word Converter 1.0 has been released
  • New PDF tool for Windows computers
  • Converts PDF files to Word or RTF format
  • Maintains table contents, images, paragraph formatting
  • Individual fine tuning in the settings
  • Introductory price: only 10 instead of 19 Euro until 12/31/2011
  • Link:

PDF files are a wonderful transport medium for distributing content in its original formatting. The recipients can open the PDFs on each machine without having to own the original software in which the file was once created. The disadvantage: PDFs can only be read and printed, but not continue working.

Of course, the texts can be copied out of a PDF by copy and paste. This only works if the PDF does not use a complex layout. A table, a column set, and inserted images: that's enough to turn the contents of the clipboard into useless letter chaos. At least you do not get your PDF-texts into the word processor.

For this reason, the 7-PDF 2 Word Converter starts. The Windows tool converts PDF files fully automatically and without any further action into a freely editable DOC or RTF file. Table contents are transferred just as securely as pictures and paragraph formatting. After that, it is no longer a problem to continue working on the files.

The 7-PDF 2 Word Converter works independently. If you want, but can make a fine tuning in the settings.

Developer Thorsten Hodes of the company 7-PDF: "The new tool completes our product range perfectly. We now offer all the necessary programs from PDF generation to editing existing PDFs to extraction of content from a PDF file. No matter which PDF feature is needed - it can be found in our portfolio."

The 7-PDF 2 Word Converter 1.0 (6.4 MB) is now available for download on the homepage. The program requires Windows 2000, XP (also x64), 2003 (also x64), Vista (also x64), 2008 or Windows 7. A free trial version is available online. But it only takes over the first three pages at a time into a new Word / RTF file.

The full version costs 19 euros. Until the end of the year, an introductory price of only 10 euros applies. The Fair Play licensing policy states that all future updates are free.


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Documents: application/msword 3830-7PDF2Word.doc



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