Split PDF for free and easy with drag and drop. Divide your PDF files flexibly and in any division with just one click. It's free!

Your freeware PDF splitter for the following requirements:

You would like to split a PDF file? For this purpose, our PDF Splitter really offers many practical options, because you can not easily split your PDF files directly with the free Acrobat Reader. You need a special program! We have programmed for you here our comfortable, free solution for splitting PDF documents for Windows 10 and later, and made them here online available!

Split PDF into several files

Devide a PDF into individual PDF pages, but how? Just disassemble your PDF files with our free PDF Split and Merge! The range of functions is really diverse: Divide PDF files into individual pages, separate them into groups of pages or into specific page areas, or disassemble them. Or would you like to merge several PDF files? No topic, our free PDF Split and PDF Merge software is the right choice here as well, because we have also provided our PDF Splitter with a function for merging several PDF files - and that all for free, of course!

Flexible ways to split your PDF files, and it's easy and free - that all with our free PDF split and merge software that runs really fast, reliable and above all uncomplicated! So it is possible with our PDF Splitter to split a PDF file into several separate PDF files. And that stress-free in a flexible way. Whether you want to divide a PDF file with several hundred pages into individual PDF pages, or into certain flexible separate sections. Our PDF Split Freeware does it for you. If, for example, you separate PDF files into one page, you will receive exactly one PDF file per PDF page for flexible further processing.

Divide PDF files in sections - Separate PDF pages in blocks

If desired, split a PDF in sections! Define completely free several pages of a PDF file to be separated so that each separate PDF files are extracted block by block. If desired, PDF documents can also be divided into odd and even page numbers. The functionality is really very diverse!

Divide PDF files into individual pages, separate them into groups of pages or into specific page areas, or disassemble them - everything is possible!

PDF Divide and PDF together - Here's how

Here we would like to divide a PDF file with a total of ten pages into individual pages (see graphic below). To do this, we simply select the PDF parts function "Burst (split into single pages)" in the program. If you separate PDF files per page, as described in this example, you will receive one PDF file per page with exactly one separate page of the source file. As mentioned, our PDF file has ten pages, so after splitting the PDF we get exactly ten individual PDF files with exactly one page in it for flexible further processing. After all, once the PDF file has been divided into ten individual PDF files, you can then very flexibly combine the separate individual PDF files directly with our software, and if necessary merge them with content from other existing PDF files. This allows you to combine PDF content from various source PDF files and create newly composed PDF files.

How to split a PDF, or disassemble it into single pages, shows the following graphic:

Split PDF files for Free under Windows 10

Splitting existing PDF files into odd and even pages is, as mentioned above, another interesting flexible feature. Certainly, they will be able to use PDF documents for freely definable page areas and group blocks to freely combine their PDF content.

Merge PDF, it works!

Afterwards, they can flexibly and as needed join together other PDF files with your previously separated PDF pages. So with PDF Split and Merge from 7-PDF you get a flexible PDF tool that provides you with these extremely useful features for free!

Split PDF: Split online, or rather with a local software?

For many years, we have been offering only PDF software for local installation on Windows systems, whether for servers or desktop PCs. They protect your data and PDF documents from wandering from your server / PC or mobile phone to the cloud. The sovereignty of your files and your data remains local to your system. You are sure, at least safer than to hand them over to the web! We think that's a key advantage of off-line software. Another advantage is certainly the independence to web! Because no matter where you are, whether in the refectory of a university, on the train, in the field - with our software, they can always work - and hidden ABOs for the use of online PDF services, there is not synonymous with our software!

Our user interface of PDF Split and Merge is clear and simple to use

The user interface for splitting or merging PDF documents is clearly structured and clearly arranged. It is also easy to understand and available in English and German. A PortableApp variant of the software is used to use the PDF tool on a USB stick or mobile data carriers. So a real added value for mobile work.

Screenshots - PDF Split and Merge

Video Tutorial

The video is currently only available in German. We ask for apology!

Using PDF Split and Merge in the company on Citrix and Terminal Servers

For businesses, support for terminal servers and Citrix systems is another important point to be able to distribute the PDF Split And Merge feature directly to their users. As a proprietary freeware application, it is ideal and can be extended to the PRO version, a real corporate value added. Try PDF Split And Merge from 7-PDF right away. With a file size of approx. 4MB, the smart PDF application certainly captivates not only its users in the company through its lean and high-performance nature, but also as IT experts.

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