In the following article we would like to introduce some interesting PDF converters. Converting PDF is usually no problem with these freeware PDF converters and free of charge. Also, the subsequent editing of PDF files is functionally available. All tools are very helpful and should therefore be presented on! Let's go to the world of freeware PDF converter for Windows.


A PDF converter is an option if you:

  • Must merge PDF files (merge pdf) or divide (split pdf)
  • Need to re-order PDF files (rotate pdf)
  • Must delete pages from PDF files (crop pdf)
  • Must create PDF files with footer (PDF footer) and header (PDF header)
  • Must add pages in a PDF (Add PDF Page)
  • PDF pages must be provided with page numbers
  • PDF files must be watermarked
  • Encrypt PDF files (PDF Encryption)
  • Decrypt PDF files (PDF Decryption)
  • PDF files must be metadata
  • Must create PDF files with notes
  • Must create PDF files from pictures and photos
  • and much more...

In the following section "General PDF Converter" we present corresponding PDF tools that are suitable for merging, disassembling or manipulating PDF files. Also, we will show PDF converters that can convert images to PDF, convert various file formats to PDF, etc. This will be part of the "Special PDF Converter" section.

Generic PDF converter

Our free PDF Printer 7-PDF Printer works as a virtual PDF printer under Windows and can be used free of charge (FREE community version)!

The virtual PDF printer from 7-PDF offers many functions and is therefore very powerful and versatile. The PDF printer is Citrix and terminal server capable, can be installed and set up as a PDF network printer. Furthermore, the PDF printer supports all major PDF printing features such as PDF backgrounds, watermarks, PDF encryption, PDF security settings, and much more. You can access the PDF printer from almost any application via the print function and generate PDF files.

The PDF printer offers interfaces for developers via .NET and COM classes and can also be automated by batch programs.

You can install and configure differently configured PDF printer instances on a server. For example, one background font can be configured on one instance, and the other instance can be used to forward a generated PDF to an SMTP server for automatic e-mail forwarding of printed PDF files.

The possibilities of this great PDF printer are really extensive, so we gave 7-PDF Printer a extensive online documentation. We also offer you free support and help.

The following link leads you directly to the description page of 7-PDF Printer here on!

In a nutshell, 7-PDF Maker is a powerful PDF tool for converting a variety of file formats natively, without PDF printer driver, Ghostscript and the like to PDF. Including direct support of many graphic formats to PDF.

7-PDF Maker not only offers you the possibility to convert Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to PDF, but also to convert StarOffice, OpenOffice and even Maths and AutoCAD files into PDF format.

In addition, 7-PDF Maker offers with the 7p.exe a true PDF console production. Can also convert files to PDF in batch mode.

With the integrated Windows Explorer integration, you can also directly right-click, for example, a Word file to convert directly to PDF. This greatly facilitates handling with a PDF converter.

Another exclusive feature is the direct conversion of paragraph formats into Word, as well as Excel folders in an Excel document into PDF hyperlinks. Only a few PDF converters are able to directly generate them.

The link below leads you directly to the description pageof 7-PDF Maker here on!

Our own PDF Composing Tool is called 7-PDF Split and Merge and is the ideal supplement to the PDF generator 7-PDF Maker and the 7-PDF Printer. The program is equipped with a simple and clearly structured user interface. It provides convenient features to subsequently merge, reorganize and share PDF files.

Other functions such as the processing of PDF files with a PDF encryption are also supported by the software.

The following link leads you directly to the description page of 7-PDF Split and Merge here on 7-!

The PDFill PDF Tools show a simple and clearly structured user interface. The program offers functions for merging, reorganizing and sharing PDF files. You can delete individual PDF pages or change their sorting. PDF files can also be provided with headers, footers, and page numbers.

Watermarks can be inserted either as a fair copy or as a background graphic.

Other PDF functions such as PDF encryption or PDF decoding are also supported by the software. Reformatting individual pages is also possible as well as the conversion of a Postscript file into a PDF.

The link below takes you directly to the homepage of PDFill PDF Tools.

PDFTK Builder might be an alternative to PDFill PDF Tools, so this very useful PDF converter tool should not be missed and presented here. PDFTK Builder clearly puts its functional focus on merging PDF files and reorganizing PDF pages. However, PDFTK Builder can also split (split) PDF files, watermark / stamp them, and encrypt them.

In addition, PDFTK Builder offers the possibility to provide pages with a PDF background text. For example, pages with a "confidential" ("Confidential"), "secret" lettering ...

Special PDF converter

In this list to naming is also the PDF to text converter Some PDF to TXT Converter. It also keeps the layout of the text file clean, offers drag and drop functionality, a batch conversion and encrypts PDF files.

An alternative to this is the Acrobat Reader. With it you can save PDF content as a text file.

Often you would like to simplify work as a PDF file again as Word or Excel file. We have the software 7-PDF2Word - A Premium PDF to Word converter - developed, which gives excellent results. Content is converted from PDF files to Word and Excel.

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