PDF pages can be temporarily rotated for free with Acrobat Reader. Certainly one or the other has already used this function. But how do you proceed if you want to permanently rotate the pages of an existing PDF file? Good news! We have the right software solution for you.

With 7-PDF Split & Merge you can use the so-called R-Rotation mode from version 4.3.0. This is activated by double-clicking on the table column in the respective tab "Merge PDF Files..." and "Split PDF Files..." of the application:

Rotate pages in a PDF

In the following, we would like to explain the difference between the use of R rotation when dividing PDF files and merging PDF files.

Rotate PDF: R-Rotation in the tab "Split PDF Files..."

When dividing PDF files with 7-PDF Split & Merge, from version 4.3.0 you can now specify a "PDF Rotate" degree value that is to be used globally for the selected division method. To do this, double-click on the cell or column "R-Rotation" of the previously selected PDF file that is to be split. You can choose between the degrees 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. Depending on the split mode selected, all the individual pages contained in the PDF or groups of page areas are rotated clockwise by this degree as soon as the split function is started.

As an example, we have fixed a clockwise rotation of all 22 PDF pages by 90° ("R"-Rotation: ("R") real clockwise rotation) in the following screenshot for the selected PDF file. The division mode is set to "Burst (split into single pages)".

Rotate each individual side by the specified 90° when dividing

After starting the division process, the 22 pages are divided into one PDF file each and each page is also rotated by 90°. PDF pages in portrait format would then be turned into landscape format. With this approach, we can only rotate PDF pages as a whole. I.e. all sides would be rotated 90°. But what if you only want to rotate individual pages in a PDF file? We come to that in the next section, and with it the rotation of PDF files when merging!

Rotate PDF: R-Rotation in the tab "Merge PDF Files..."

When merging PDF files, with version 4.3.0 we have also made it possible to rotate PDF files. The 22 pages, which were previously divided into individual pages and PDF files, could be combined and rotated individually depending on the PDF separation. Fine! The following screenshot shows the individual PDF of our previously split PDF file "performance.pdf", and after the first 90° rotation we would like to rotate pages 12, 14 and 15 by another 90° when dividing. This time when merging the PDF file back into one PDF file. The following screenshot shows the settings for pages 12, 14 and 15 and the setting of the "R"-Rotation value to the desired 90°. If we assume a landscape format for pages 12, 14 and 15, since we already rotated these by 90° when dividing them, then these three pages are upside down after joining. Whether you want to or not - what we want to show you is the flexibility you can achieve here!

Rotate pages in a PDF when merging

Rotate PDF: Rotate a single PDF and the pages it contains at once

This is also possible. To do this, select a single PDF file under the tab "Merge PDF Files..." and then select the degree value of the R-Rotation by double-clicking. As an example, we have selected our "performance.pdf" file with 22 pages in the "Merge PDF Files..." as shown in the screenshot. 180° was specified as the degree of rotation. This would result in a "new" PDF file from "performance.pdf", the 22 pages of which would all be rotated 180°.

Rotate all pages of a single PDF when merging

Multiple PDF files selected for joining, only rotate certain PDF files and the PDF pages they contain

Last but not lease, we do not want to withhold this further option from you, which is possible when merging PDF files in connection with the new rotation functionality R-Rotation. Here several different PDF files were selected that should be merged, and at the same time an R-Rotation value of 180° was fixed on two PDF files. I.e. the pages of these two PDF files are automatically rotated when they are merged.

Rotate individual PDF files

Conclusion on rotating PDF files with PDF Split & Merge

The example shown above should give you an impression of how flexible you can rotate PDF files with our Split & Merge Tool. Not only could all pages of a PDF file be rotated when dividing, but also only very specific pages when merging - i.e. individually. Just give our software a try!

Screenshots - PDF Split and Merge

Video Tutorial

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