By simply printing invoices from any ERP or merchandise management program to our PDF printer, documents can be created directly as ZUGFeRD PDF.

Our PDF printer directly supports the necessary PDF/A format for the eInvoice procedure, as well as the embedding of your XML invoice data in specification ZUGFeRD 1.0 - 2.1. The result is a compliant PDF/A-3 file in ZUGFeRD format!

The elegant solution is implemented in detail as follows: Your ERP system first provides the required XML invoice data and prints the invoice on our PDF printer. The PDF printer then "merges" print and XML data into an electronic ZUGFeRD PDF invoice. This flexible "merging process" then offers you further options that can be automated. With our PDF printer, ZUGFeRD PDF invoices can also be sent as an email to your customers after they have been generated and then saved and archived centrally. The PDF invoice can be sent as an email via your own SMTP mail server, or semi-automatically via the MAPI of Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

A comprehensible step-by-step guide for easy setup as a comfortable and central ZUGFeRD PDF printer solution can be found for free in the online documentation on this page. Further information on sending created ZUGFeRD PDF invoices directly by email can be found here.

Simply connect your specialized ERP or merchandise management system today with our professional PDF printer to create a perfectly coordinated, digital symbiosis for your eInvoice management! If you have any questions, please contact our free support directly!

PDF Printer - Screenshots

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