Our success model - your "Lifetime" license for:

Note: Single license for one (1) user. If you have several users, please increase the number of licenses in your shopping cart!

Upgrade to the full version of 7-PDF2Word today. This offers the following advantages compared to the shareware version:

  • Lifetime licence: Buy once, use permanently without subsequent costs (including new versions). Guaranteed NO SUBSCRIPTION! Learn more about our long-standing LIFETIME LICENSE Success Model...
  • Export an unlimited number of pages from PDF files to Word
  • Free access to future updates
  • Functional value retention through one-off license key acquisition without time limit, without internet dependency when working with your files, without risk of disadvantageous license model changes in the future
  • You retain your data sovereignty because your files remain on your PC
  • Priority support for licence holders
  • Low-cost corporate group and small business licences on request!

Volume Licensing

Note: Single license for one (1) user. If you have several named users, please increase the number of licenses in your shopping cart.
The number of systems is not relevant here!
1 User € 29.00 / User
Number of licences:
Number of licences:
2-9 User € 24.00 / User
Number of licences:
Number of licences:
10-49 User € 19.00 / User
Number of licences:
Number of licences:
50-199 User € 14.00 / User
Number of licences:
Number of licences:
200+ User € 9.00 / User
Number of licences:
Number of licences:

Future upgrades are free! Your one-time licence key also authorises you to unlock future update versions of our software for free. This means you will have no further licence costs for new versions. We promise! Versprochen!

If you want to use the software on several PCs at the same time, this only requires a separate license for different named users. If the name of the Windows user is the same, no further licensing is necessary!

Companies can already buy directly from us with a binding order of 5 licenses. Just send us an eMail with the desired number of licenses and your billing address. Cheap corporate and small business licenses available on request!

After purchase, you will receive your required full version license key automatically via email.

The full version licence key is entered into the program via the licence key button and converts the demo version into the full version. After launching the application, you can find the licence key button under the "info" tab.

Your personal license key can be activated as a full version after you have acquired the license in the already installed program using the button "Insert license-key, ..." in the tab "Info". As an illustration, we have a graphic below that shows the button "Enter license key, ..." within the software:

Enter your license key here

Note: When the license key is entered, it is validated and activated over the Internet (via SSL). Therefore, make sure you have an active internet connection for the unique registration process of the application! In rare cases, locally installed third-party application firewalls may block the program's access to the Internet. When using such third-party firewalls, make sure to grant the necessary rights for access to the Internet for the one-time registration process of the application.

Unfortunately, the issue of software piracy is also harmful to us and we have to face this piracy. This is the only way for us to continue to provide you with maintenance or support services free of charge. The internet is only necessary once for the registration process! What is stored on your systems remains on your systems!

Note that these prices are a single payment (not a recurring subscription).