PDF generation for developers

Starting with the PDF Maker Version 1.2, we deliver a COM interface (developer software) as standard.

With the high-performance and easy-to-use COM interface, it is possible to integrate and use the PDF Maker PDF Engine in your own applications. Comprehensive documentation of the COM interface can be found under the link COM API Doku in the form of a HTMLDoc - Online Reference.

The COM Interface offers developers the convenience of using PDF generation capabilities of the PDF Maker in their own applications. In addition, the developer has full control over the PDF generation process and can react to the exception of the page during PDF generation.

PDF Maker must be installed on the system to use the COM interface. A background installation per InnoSetup Parameter /SILENT oder /VERYSILENT is supported by the setup of the PDF Maker. This allows PDF Maker to be delivered elegantly with its own applications.

As an aid, we also offer developers sample applications incl. source code for VB.NET, Visual Basic 6.0 (VBA) and also Delphi. So you'll be able to get familiar with the COM component of PDF Maker relatively easily, and we'll offer our full support to all developers through our free email support.

The COM interface (32-bit mode) is released for productive environments (even for 64-bit systems) and can be used directly after licensing (Acquisition of a LIFETIME license key) for PDF generation (without watermark text) from own applications. Many well-known companies already rely on the extremely powerful PDF Creator Framework from PDF Maker, and also use it as a COM interface in their own applications. All currently available Windows operating systems (including server operating systems) from Windows 2000 and higher are supported.

The development team of PDF Maker wishes you a lot of fun using the COM interface!