In the FAQ Section of our PDF Makers you will find a question / answer catalog which we will constantly expand with the time and if necessary to new topics.

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No, use our PDF Printer for this. Although you can use suitable open source software, such as PortableSigner, and sign the PDF later. You can download PortableSigner here.

Recent tests have shown that 7-PDF Maker can also be used with Windows 64-bit systems. In addition to Windows Vista 64-bit, a user test has also been performed and passed using Windows 7/10 64-bit. Thanks to everyone for carrying out the testing!

With Outlook and Thunderbird, you can save e-mails as RTF or HTML files and easily convert them to PDF with 7-PDF Maker. To receive an email directly as a PDF, you can also refer to our PDF Printer. Via the print dialog of your eMail client you will receive a PDF of every eMail you want.

For such requirements, we have developed the PDF Composer tool PDF Split and Merge for you. The small Windows tool can not only merge several PDF files together: If necessary, you can flexibly cut existing PDFs as well. You can download our PDF Split and Merge software as free freeware here!

Very easily. Use Word or OpenOffice Writer. Place the JPEG graphics on the Word or OpenOffice pages and save the entire document. Then you can create the desired PDF with 7-PDF Maker.

Yes. You can install 7-PDF Printer! We provide the PDF printer to all private users free of charge as freeware. The free PDF printer prints a PDF from almost any Windows application, has multi-instance capability, supports PDF watermarks and PDF backgrounds (stationery function), can create documents conforming to PDF /A-1, among others, also prints content as BMP, EPS, PS, PNG, PCX, JPEG, TIFF and MultiTIFF files, and offers 128/40-bit PDF password and rights encryption.

The PDF printer is suitable for the creation of high-resolution PDF files which are required for the pre-press stage in the printing industry (CMYK - colour spaces, high resolution). You can find a detailed overview of all the PDF features offered by our free virtual PDF printer. here.

The possibilities of this software are very wide-ranging. In addition to the download option, all users also have access to a comprehensive online user manual.

Yes. The portable version of 7-PDF Maker can be operated on Linux in connection with Wine very easily. A video on this has been uploaded to YouTube by Michael Kliewe, clearly showing how to carry out the installation.

Video: 7-PDF Maker under Linux

Yes. 7-PDF Maker no longer requires a print dialogue and does not act as a PDF printer, which is a crucial advantage over other PDF creators. This makes it possible to quickly and conveniently use the supplied Windows Explorer integration for this.

Windows Explorer integration for converting PDF files with a right mouse click

Highlight several documents directly in Windows Explorer - right-hand mouse button - 7-PDF - select Create PDF... - finished!

Yes. To do this, use 7p.exe - the command line version of 7-PDF Maker. In batch mode, you can also use it to ‘automate’ your PDF creation with Windows resources.

Console application of PDF Maker for mass conversion of documents to PDF

Well - the definition of a link (style) is actually always "blue". Therefore, 7-PDF creates blue "links" within the PDF documents, so that they are also recognizable as "references".

Yes. Windows developers can use the COM interface of 7-PDF Maker, which we supply as standard with version 1.2 and above. You can find more informations here...

We have developed the PDF composer tool 7-PDF Split & Merge for this very purpose. The small Windows tool is not only able to merge several PDF files together: if required, you can also divide up existing PDFs easily. You can download 7-PDF Split & Merge free of charge as freeware here...

This is unfortunately not possible using 7-PDF Maker, but you can do it with our free PDF printer, 7-PDF Printer.

The free PDF converter features a stationery function, which can be used to create CI-compatible invoices, for example. In addition, the free PDF printer also supports the creation of watermarks in the PDF. You can download 7-PDF Printer here.

This is also possible by taking a short detour. Save the Corel image in an image format that 7-PDF Maker supports and then convert this to PDF using 7-PDF Maker. You can find all the file and image formats supported by 7-PDF Maker here...

However, this can also be done directly using our free PDF creator,7-PDF Printer, via a print dialogue in CorelDraw..

Yes. By saving the Visio document as an image (BMP, JPG etc.) and then converting this image file to PDF using 7-PDF Maker.

The latest version of 7-PDF Maker cannot directly convert VISIO documents to PDF. If the result does not meet your expectations, you are sure to find the right solution in our free 7-PDF Printer software.

In addition to PDF files from VISIO, 7-PDF Printer can also create PDF documents from AutoCAD via the print dialogue which retain the original layout.

If you have further questions about the program, please contact our free eMail support. Otherwise we wish you a lot of fun with our PDF Maker!