Lifetime Developer Licenses

The COM interface can be licensed by developers and thus used as a developer component within the acquired license type with its own applications.

All Developer Licenses listed are Lifetime Developer Licenses , which means once licensed and permanently inclusive of all subsequent updates at no extra cost in the future!

The COM interface is activated in its own source code via the COM function UnlockKey() and the transfer of a valid license key.

Requirement: 7-PDF Maker must first be installed on the system to use the COM interface. A background install by InnoSetup parameter /SILENT or /VERYSILENT is supported by the setup of the 7-PDF Maker. This allows 7-PDF Maker to be delivered elegantly with its own applications.

Developer - user licenses / pricing

Our attractive developers - volume discounted user licenses

Important: This license type cannot be used in applications that you distribute outside your company. For this kind of purposes licensee the OEM Volume Developer licenses!

Enables the COM Interface of 7-PDF Maker for one or more developers. In contrast to the OEM Volume Developer Licenses (Server, Redistribution, etc.) listed below, the developer user licenses for enabling the COM interface of 7-PDF Maker are intended for small developer teams inside a company. For every developer who wants to programmatically address and use the COM interface in enterprise applications, a developer license must be purchased!

Our attractive user licenses and volume discounts

Developer Price  
1 Developer 230.00 €
2-9 Developer 190.00 €
Number of licences:  
10+ Developer 150.00 €
Number of licences:  


OEM Volume Developer Licenses

Server / Webserver
This license type is available for the use of the COM interface on a web server. An unlimited number of websites on one (1) server is thus covered. Clustered servers require one license per server in the cluster. This license type also covers an unlimited number of users creating documents through a server application process PDF.

3990.00 €

Redistribution (limited)
Using this license, you can integrate the COM interface of the 7-PDF Maker into your own software packages. The limited redistribution license allows redistribution of the software on 1000 computers. It is therefore a cost-effective entry for smaller software companies to offer PDF functionality with their own programs.

11990.00 €

Redistribution (unlimited)
The unlimited redistribution license of the COM interface of 7-PDF Maker allows the unrestricted distribution of the developer component with your own software.

14799.00 €


Extended Maintenance and Support Agreements for OEM Volume Developer Licenses

We offer limited time, chargeable support and maintenance contracts for volume developer licenses (all servers, redistribution licenses, developer user licenses are excluded from these extended support and maintenance agreements).

The maintenance agreements cover free, highly prioritized support and free upgrades for 12 months. If you purchase a license, the first year of support and maintenance is included in the price. Before the end of the first 12 months after the license has been purchased, you will automatically receive an email from us to extend the support and maintenance period for the next 12 months. The support and maintenance agreements are optional. This means that you can decide freely whether to complete an extension or not.

Support is provided through a specific person / contact within your company and organization. All support requests must be bundled to us via this person. If this person leaves the company, the task can be transferred to another person in your company without any additional costs.

The support and maintenance costs for 12 months are 20% of your initial license costs.

Each form of support is handled via e-mails to ensure a seamless conversation between 7-PDF and the customer.

If for any reason you have not renewed the support and maintenance program, but wish to reactivate it later, you will be charged for 6 months of maintenance and support.

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