Larger organizations prefer to buy on account (invoice). The following short description should help you with this.

1. Option: Of course, directly above us (only for companies based in Germany or the EU member states, not for end users)

For license orders for company licenses of the 7-PDF Printer, the Non-Profit and Developer licenses, direct invoicing is possible via us. In addition, we offer a purchase on account for license purchases >= 5 named user licenses (single or volume licenses). Please contact us directly via email. When buying by invoice, a revocation of your order is not possible. Payment terms are 14 days after billing. You will receive the invoice by e-mail as PDF.

2. Option: Online via our distributor shareIt - Digital Rivers

  • Go to the description page

  • Click on the "Buy" button for the product that you would like to get the price for. That will send you to the shopping cart, which is hosted by our reseller share-it - Digital Rivers.

  • Make a note of the product name and item number shown in the shopping cart. You need this for later in the process.

  • At the bottom of the shopping cart page there is a link to the customer service. You should click that link.

  • In the "Order" section of the page there is a link to "How can I place a purchase order?".

  • Use the link and follow the described process.