Frequently asked questions and their answers about the licensing of the 7-PDF printer should be clarified here. It's a lot easier to license our PDF printer than you think. Read it yourself!

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License fees, every month of every year... We don't have them (!), and we never will, we promise.

All license fees on are one-off license prices (per user). We hate software subscriptions...perhaps just as much as you do. Our credo once and it's as good as in the 90s. Don't let other companies fool you any longer rip off for month!

Finally come to us, a German software company that has been around since 2008, and find out you can find out more about our successful concept here.

Further questions about licensing should be the subject of this page. This should clarify all questions for you before licensing.

Here on this description page you will find a price list (prices in net, without VAT) and corresponding order buttons further down, or you can go directly to the shop and select your desired licenses there. Depending on the range of functions, we offer the editions (Standard, Professional and Expert Edition). The editions differ in the functions. You can find a function comparison here...

For a purchase on account or the preparation of an individual offer, please use the contact page (only for companies within the EU!!).

No. Your purchased 7-PDF Printer license(s) can be used on one PC, one laptop, one server at the same time. You license according to the named user principle. The number of systems is irrelevant for individual and volume licenses.

The only exception here are our license types "corporate licenses" for corporations and large medium-sized companies. In addition to the number of users (people), the number of servers also plays a decisive role.

You need as many licenses as you have named users. Named users are the number of people who "physically" work on a system with it. For example, if you and your wife also work on a PC with the PDF printer, you need two licenses. One for her wife and one for herself.

And it is the same on server(s), or when installing as a PDF network printer:
200 physical people work on the server(s) / PDF network printer(s), but only 20 people have access to this PDF printer instance(s) (i.e. see it in the Windows printer selection), then 200 people can too only 20 work with it. Then you only need 20 licenses.

From a size of up to 500 people (!) who are to use the PDF printer, our company licenses are then available to them. From a number of > 200 people, these are the cheapest licensing option. But be careful, here the number of servers plays a role (max. 5 servers for Enterprise and 50 for Large Enterprise).

For more than 3000 people, ask us directly and you will then receive an individual offer from us for a LARGE ENTERPRISE LICENSE of the respective edition (Standard, Professional, Expert Edition). For the calculation of your individual offer, it is important for us to calculate the LARGE Enterprise licenses, the number of servers if the number exceeds 50, and the number of people who should use the PDF printer.

Suppose you have purchased a fixed number of employee licenses from us in the past. You can distribute this number of licenses completely freely. If an employee leaves, a new employee can use this license without having to do anything! The license does not have to be transferred to the new employee in any technical way. Your purchased PDF printer license, which stands for a certain number of purchased NamedUsers, does not matter what the name of the people who work with the PDF printer is. So what to do - absolutely nothing. Only if the number of licenses purchased at the time is too small for the number of people working with them: Then simply re-license! And that's good.

Nothing. The number of people doesn't change. A name change is completely irrelevant to the PDF printer and the purchased license.

No. When re-licensing, the graduated price starts all over again. So when purchasing licenses for the first time, it makes sense to purchase a little more named user licenses than you might need. Because that's when you save the most. Subsequent licensing is therefore always more expensive. That's what lifetime licenses are for. This means that new versions of our PDF printer can always be used within the scope of the license you have purchased, without additional or renewed costs. Where is that today? With us...

No. We do not support the concurrent user model.

Very easy! You simply copy a license file into the installation path of the 7-PDF Printer, which you can generate with your license key after purchasing it on our website. We explain exactly how this works here in a subchapter from the extensive online documentation of the PDF printer. And if, in the really unlikely event, you have problems with it, just get in touch. No problem!

Very easy! Copy your license.xml file from the installation directory of the PDF printer from your old system to your new system and then back to the installation directory of the newly installed 7-PDF printer there. Complete!

For this, please use a developer license of the respective editions (STD, PROF., EXP) for server / web / batch processing.

If you have further questions about the licensing of the PDF printer, please contact our free e-mail support directly. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy using our PDF printer!