Our PDF Printer "7-PDF Printer", as well as our here directly downloadable free PDF converter "7-PDF Maker" are equipped with an extensively usable powerful PDF API for software developers. By integrating the PDF API, you can integrate PDF functions into any application using a variety of programming languages.

Integration possibilities in different programming languages

Whether you are a third-party vendor looking for ways to extend your applications to further PDF functionality, or as a software developer want to expand your own developments with a PDF API, the integration capabilities of our PDF APIs is using classic programming languages such as C, C++, C#, VB.NET or Delphi is easy!

PDF API of the PDF printer in Visual Studio 2017
Illustration: PDF API of the PDF printer in Visual Studio 2017

With our PDF APIs, developers are been able to fully integrate our PDF tools flexibly in own applications, thereby providing useful PDF functionalities for PDF greations.

Possible Applications

  • Integration of the PDF APIs into, for example, ERP, CRM and DMS systems without much effort
  • Extension of CMS and eCommerce/Shop applications with PDF functionalities
  • In addition to classical programming languages such as C, C++, VB and Delphi, even modern languages like C# and VB.NET are supported!
  • Application and Code Examples available for almost all programming languages

PDF Printer API

With our Printer API developers have a high-performance and program-controlled printer control, which can be controlled directly from their own applications and programs. Programmatic PDF generation gives you full control over PDF printing and datastream processing of PDF files from within your own applications. In addition, the PDF Printer API provides developers with convenient ways to respond to exceptions and errors in PDF generation. Thanks to the PDF Printer API of 7-PDF Printer, it is also possible to implement high-performance and controlled PDF batch and mass printing requirements. Our PDF Printer API also provides powerful PDF/A-1 generation and printing components on paper or scaling to advanced print streams.


The biggest difference between our PDF Printer API and the PDF Maker API is that PDF Maker acts as a pure file converter! Incoming documents are natively converted to PDF without the need of a print job. Supported file formats are converted directly into PDF and PDF/A-1 compliant files. Also, the PDF Maker API does not need the applications normally required for a file format to load them, for example, as is common with PDF printers, to issue a print job to PDF conversion. Thus, you do not need Microsoft Office on the system to convert Office files. This can i.a. License costs save, and is also even faster!

The PDF Maker API, our native file converter for converting files directly into a PDF, can be directly integrated by developers via the COM API and controlled for PDF generation from own applications. The COM API can be used immediately after installing the PDF Maker. For licensing, low-cost and unlimited royalty-free developer licenses are available for commercial integration and use. The PDF Maker API can then be used to programmatically convert files, graphics, HTML documents, and more.

Technical specifications

The PDF API integration capabilities are based on COM and .NET interfaces. A detailed description of the integration options, including catchy code examples in further subchapters, can be found in the following documentation, and further chapters on this.

Support and maintenance

We're happy to help developers and third parties integrate our PDF APIs into applications and processes. Within the framework of available different license models we also offer paid maintenance contracts. For further questions please contact us by email or by phone.