In case you want to use command line programming to control the PDF Writer then you should look at the interface described in this section of the documentation.

The command line interface is a small program that will control the settings.ini. It does not support writing of runonce.ini files.

You will find the program in a subfolder in the installation directory of the PDF printer and thus normally under C:\Program Files\7-PDF\PDF Printer\API\EXE.


  1. CONFIG.EXE /S name value | /R name | /C
  3. /S       Set a setting in the configuration.
  4.   name   Name of setting to change.
  5.   value  New value of setting.
  6. /R       Remove a setting from the configuration.
  7.   name   Name of setting to remove.
  8. /C       Clear all settings.

Example: CONFIG /S Output "C:\document.pdf"

This will set the Output setting to the file C:\document.pdf.

Example: CONFIG /R Output

This removes the output setting again.

Important note when using current 7-PDF Printer versions

Normally there is a settings.ini and a user.ini under C:\Users\[CURRENTUSER]\AppData\Roaming\PDF Writer\[PRINTERNAME] so usually under C:\Users\[CURRENTUSER]\AppData\Roaming\PDF Writer\7-PDF Printer which contain the user related settings. For CONFIG.exe to work as described, these INI files should be deleted from the user context of the above path beforehand or better (!) renamed temporarily (via batch if necessary).

Important: This is before each run of CONFIG.exe to ensure because 7-PDF Printer in latest versions after each run these INI files automatically again.