Our PDF Printer has a hardware margin of 0 (zero). Important, but only when using the printer driver "7-PDF Printer" (more on this below). This enables the installed printer to write to the edge of the paper. Normally this is a great feature but sometimes it may be a problem because the created PDF files are sent directly to a physical printer without scaling it to fit the margins of the physical printer.

Creating a new Form

In case you want to use a hardware margin together with the PDF Printer, you have to create a new form (paper size) on your system. New forms are easily created from the Control Panel list of printers. Just open the File menu and select Server Properties.

Server Properties PDF Printer

From the list of available forms you should select the one that you want to add margins to. In this example we will choose the A4 form.

Select form

Click the Create new form checkbox to design a new form. Enter a name and changes the margins. Select Save Form when you are done.

Create new form

When the new form is saved, you should go to printer properties of the PDF Printer. Here you click Printing Preferences. In the next dialog you click Advanced. Now you can select your new form as the default paper size of the PDF Printer.

That should do the trick.

Important note on the printer driver used

Writing up to the edge of the page from 0 is only supported by the printer driver "7-PDF Printer", in the installation type as a PDF network printer you may have to manually switch the driver to this printer driver for your printer release if you need to PDF up to the edge to print documents. For better compatibility, we use the "Microsoft PS Class Driver" driver by default for PDF network printer installations. This has advantages in the network and should be left as it is if not necessary. You can only change the driver if you first disable the printer release temporarily, then change the driver and then directly reactivate the release of the printer instance! Otherwise, Windows throws an error message.

Check printer driver

Here the driver must be changed to "7-PDF Printer". As you can see, the driver "Microsoft PS Class Driver" is still actively in use. However, it cannot print to the very edge of the page.