You can hide the dialogs during printing by using the correct settings in the configuration files.

Normally two dialogs are used during the printing operation. One of these is the full settings dialog where you can specify all the parameters, such as watermark, document properties, and security settings. The other is a simple Save As dialog that only prompts for a file name.

ShowSettings=never will hide the full settings dialog. ShowSaveAS=never hides the Save As dialog. Settings such as ShowProgress and ShowProgessFinished control the display of the system tray notifications, which is also displayed during PDF generation.

All the settings mentioned above can be set in the normal, runonce, or global configuration files.

A sample of a runonce is shown below:

  1. [PDF Printer]
  2.   Output=<desktop>\test.pdf
  3.   ShowSettings=never
  4.   ShowSaveAS=never
  5.   ShowProgress=no
  6.   ShowProgressFinished=no
  7.   ShowPDF=no
  8.   ConfirmOverwrite=no