Some embedded systems with little physical memory may experience slow PDF creation. This can happen when the program is run for the first time after a fresh reboot of the system.

The cause for this behavior is that the programs are fighting each other to stay in the physical memory. If the program modules are not used then the operating system will unload them.

You may see improved performance for the first conversion if you force the system to preload the modules during the startup or login process. We have created a set of files that will help you do this.

The zip file contains a folder named init. Unzip the file and copy the init folder to the PDF writer's application folder. This folder is where gui.exe is located. Inside the init folder there is a batch file named init.bat. Running this batch file will convert the to init.pdf. The sample will place the init.pdf on your desktop. You can change the output setting in template.ini to change the location of the init.pdf file.


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