Our range of services for companies/authorities

We are manufacturers of the PDF product line 7-PDF and have also developed 7-PDF Printer for it. In some further chapters of this manual, free code examples are also made available to show users who are enthusiastic about programming and professional developers how flexible and powerful 7-PDF Printer can be used in companies.

If you understand the principle and have basic developer know-how, then with 7-PDF Printer you have a really powerful piece of PDF software in your hands that you can use 100% independently and freely for your requirements.

The PDF API integrated in the PDF printer and the Event handler and VBScript macro runtime environment. Both developer interfaces offer extensive options for dynamically controlling the printing behavior of the PDF printer. For example, extracting print data, analyzing it and controlling the PDF print in a coordinated manner, for example to integrate SMTP/mail servers, web servers, eCommerce, PIM/MDM or DMS systems, or to control other processes from ERP systems and specifically process documents as PDF digitized (or forward).

Print Process Optimization with our Standard Solution

Are you looking for a simple and efficient standard solution without the need for custom development? Thanks to the 7-PDF Mailer Plug-In, you can optimize your print processes efficiently. The integration of external commands and control codes allows you to customize print jobs according to your requirements. Whether you want to personalize print texts, seamlessly integrate documents from various systems into your print processes, or send print jobs directly via email – our plug-in offers you the flexibility you need. With just a few simple steps, you can streamline your print processes and make your workflows more efficient. Learn more about the available control codes and options in our comprehensive documentation.

You have no programming knowledge in the company and need our quick, unbureaucratic help with the implementation?

As a German software company, we also offer the option of taking over macro or API programming for you on an hourly basis.

Just talk to us or contact us using the support form. Our hourly rate is 125 EUR (net) for such services. As a rule, the work is completed in a few hours and the costs are manageable.