This small sample shows how to change the user's PDF Printer settings. The example is based on a support request by a network manager who wants to make a specific setting when users log on.

The code below will change the standard watermark text for the user that runs the script.

    Rem -- This example will show you how to change a setting in the settings.ini file for the logged in user.
    Option Explicit
    Dim printername
    Dim util, settings
    Rem -- Create the COM helper object.
    Set util = CreateObject("pdf7.PdfUtil")
    Rem -- Create the COM settings object to control the printer.
    Set settings = CreateObject("pdf7.PdfSettings")
    Rem -- Change the value of printer name if you want to use another PDF printer
    printername = util.DefaultPrinterName
    settings.PrinterName = printername
    settings.SetValue "WatermarkText", "New Watermark Text"
    Rem -- Write settings to the settings.ini.
    settings.WriteSettings False
    WScript.Echo "Settings saved!"