With our HTML to PDF Converter you convert any HTML page (URL) into a PDF file. The HTML to PDF conversion starts directly after inserting the desired internet address (short: URL) in the program. The HTML page is then stored in a PDF file.

Saving HTML pages as PDF file - Why that?

Are you stumbling across an interesting product in an online shop, or an important editorial article on the web whose information you want to save as a PDF file and that print layout true? All this online informations on HTML pages can now be easily stored with our HTML to PDF Converter as PDF files! Thus, the faithful archiving and preserving important HTML pages as a PDF file, including included links on the HTML page, is a breeze. Promised!

And that's how easy it is to create an HTML page as a PDF file:

  1. Download our HTML to PDF converter "7-PDF Website Converter" directly from this page and install the program via the setup on your Windows system.
  2. Then start the HTML to PDF converter!
  3. Now use Copy&Paste (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V keys) to paste an internet address from your browser into the URL address field within the software.
  4. Now start the HTML to PDF conversion process by clicking on the button "Convert this internet address to PDF!"
  5. After a few seconds, the specified HTML page is generated as a PDF file!
  6. The HTML to PDF Converter now asks for a location for the PDF file and ends the successful HTML to PDF conversion.
  7. If you have a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader installed, the previously saved HTML page will be displayed as a PDF document with your locally installed PDF Viewer.
  8. That was it. Not difficult or? And the result of the HTML to PDF conversion certainly convinces!

Conservation of URLs or Internet addresses made easy!

You may know it too well, the annoying printing of URLs or websites or the attempt to convert a website into a PDF. All browsers, whether Google Chrome, Edge, FireFox & Co. sometimes have some problems printing HTML or web pages. The page view of the browser is tattered, text sections usually not visible in the printout or in the PDF. That can be very frustrating. For all those leaded users, we have created a professional solution with our HTML-to-PDF converter that will solve this problem once and for all. The smart little tool 7-PDF Website Converter is able to transfer the page layout, texts and even links into PDF format. Alternatively, one can also print these generated PDFs clean and the print result is much better than the current browser!

Try 7-PDF Website Converter for yourself and learn to appreciate the HTML2PDF Converter for WINDOWS 10/8.x/7 and older! It does not matter if you want to digitally archive important internet pages in PDF format, or to print true to the layout on your home printer!

The user interface of our HTML to PDF converter

The user interface of the HTML to PDF converter is clearly structured and clearly arranged. It is also easy to understand and available in German and English.

Installation / Setup of the HTML to PDF converter

User interface of the HTML to PDF converter

Video Tutorial

We're sorry - but this video is still only available in German!

You can find more information about our HTML to PDF Converter "7-PDF Website Converter" on this Product Detail Page...