Central PDF generation saves license costs and software installations!

Business networks form an important infrastructural basis. Today's networks are not only the foundation of modern enterprise communications, they also secure the delivery of critical applications across the enterprise. One area can be the use of central services, also for PDF generation! PDF Centralization reduces administrative overhead, licensing costs and distribution of software programs on corporate PCs.

An example of centralized PDF generation is in the classic sense of providing a PDF Printer on the network. This offers users in the company a central option for PDF generation. But just by using the technology of a PDF printer, there are quickly disadvantages that are listed below, among others:

  • High administrative effort due to "hanging" spoolfiles
  • High user support
  • Spoolfiles can quickly become very large, even with small files, and thus affect the bandwidth of the corporate network
  • Saving the generated PDF files is difficult to connect to home directories of users
  • PDF drivers have to be "distributed" on many clients
  • Perhaps higher license costs due to the dependency of the number of users in the company
  • No real "central" storage options of PDFs on the server

7-PDF takes a new technological path. With 7-PDF Server you get a centralized PDF creator across the enterprise network and "without" the classic PDF printer technology , 7-PDF Server is centrally installed on a Windows server as a "service" and offers its PDF generation via a web interface. So an application interface that can be called directly with the help of a browser centrally throughout the company. The web interface "7-PDF WebApp", as we call it, offers the user all the necessary PDF functions directly in the browser.

The user's local input file to be converted to PDF is simply selected in the browser and converted in real time. After the conversion, the PDF can be saved locally via a download window on the client. No software installation on the client is necessary for this.

7-PDF Server offers you as a company a business solution with the following advantages:

  • Central PDF generation via browser
  • Basically, no original application licenses are required on the server or on the client. So, for example, a MS Office license because no longer via the print dialog a PDF generation is started
  • No further software installation necessary
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • Low license costs because the 7-PDF server license can be used without restrictions. The number of users from the license perspective is unlimited
  • A once acquired server license can be transferred again and again to the latest software version for free. There will be no upgrade/update costs in the future

Try 7-PDF Server right away. You can download the software here. A server license can be ordered online at any time for € 949, - (excl. tax) here to be ordered.

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