When a user first starts to use the PDF Writer there are no user specific settings configured. The settings.ini is not created until the user runs the options dialog and saves a set of settings.

Until the options dialog is used for the first time the PDF Writer will use default values for all the settings. The default values are based on what most users prefer. However, in some installations you may want to change the default values. This is most common in installations where there are many users sharing the same installation. In Terminal Server or Citrix environments the system administrators often wants to change the default settings. Maybe the users should have a different default output location.

Starting with version it is now possible to control the default values using a settings file named defaults.ini. This file should be located in the folder specified under configuration file locations.

The content and structure of a defaults.ini is similar to that of a normal setting.ini that is written from the GUI PDF Printers Options Dialoge (Start menu). So you can extract a lot of configuration settings from there to use them in the other configuration files.

Sample of defaults.ini:

[PDF Printer]

This would change the default save location for all users.