In installations where many users share the same computer there may be a need to control some global settings. This is typically the case in Terminal Server, RDP, and Citrix Server installations. Starting with version the program supports a collection of global settings. Global settings will override the settings that the specific users put into their option files.

A settings file named global.ini can be placed in the common application data folder. When the program starts creating the PDF file it will read the values in global.ini and overwrite the corresponding values from the user's settings.ini.

The content of a global.ini is similar in structure to that of a normal settings.ini or runonce.ini.

Sample of global.ini:

[PDF Printer]
WatermarkText=Set by global.ini

Another sample global.ini could look like this:

[PDF Printer]

This would disable the access to the options dialog for all users.

Developers' note: The global.ini will not affect the settings when a runonce.ini file is present.