When the setup program runs it tries to locate a Ghostscript installation on the computer. Ghostscript is a requirement for the program to run properly. The setup program helps the user locate an existing installation or install a new one.

Ghostscript can be installed in different locations depending on the installation method used. The setup program searches the system in the following places and order:

  1. Registry Setting

  2. First it check a specific registry entry where an earlier version of the printer could have written the location of the Ghostscript installation. The registry setting can be found at

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\7-PDF\PDF Printer\Settings\GhostscriptFolder

    If the registry entry was not found or the Ghostscript installation is missing then it proceedes to the next location in it's search.

  3. GS Folder

  4. A folder named GS can be located in the same folder as the setup program itself. If this folder is found and it contains a valid set of Ghostscript files then it is installed with the printer.

  5. Ghostscript Lite Setup

  6. The preferred way to distribute and install Ghostscript automatically with the printer is to place the gslite.exe file next to the setup program. gslite.exe is a distribution of Ghostscript that only contains the files necessary to create PDF documents. If the setup program finds this file in the same folder as the setup program it will automatically install Ghostscript together with printer.

  7. Ghostscript Registry Entries

  8. As a last resort the setup program will start searching the registry for a normal installation of Ghostscript. When Ghostscript is installed it will create a couple of registry entries that specifies the location of the Ghostscript dynamic link library. The entries are version specific and could look like this:


Automatic Download

In case no valid installation of Ghostscript is found the setup program offers the user to download and install the gslite.exe distribution of Ghostscript automatically.