The setup program can run unattended. If you are a system administrator and wants to install the PDF Writer many times it may be a good idea to look into the "unattended installation".

Command line switches can control how the setup program will run.

If you run the setup program with the /SILENT parameter, no interaction is required by the user. A /VERYSILENT switch will even hide the setup wizard when it runs.

To distribute additional components "offline" during installation (not via GPO), for example gslite.exe etc., these setups can all be copied to a directory in addition to the PDF printer setup. If the PDF printer setup is then started from this directory, the components in it, such as gslite, powertools and xpdf, are simply "installed" as well. More details here...

You can even distribute other files, for example the license file, more about this you can also find here...

Please see also Setup Command Line Switches for more information.


7-PDFPrinterSetup.exe /SILENT