This example will show you how you can change the printer's default settings when installing the product.

Let's say we want to change the default save location when users create PDF documents. In this example we will base the output folder on a set of environment variables.

Default values are set in a configuration file named defaults.ini. This file must be placed in the correct folder for that particular configuration file. You can read more about the location of configuration files if you want some insight on this subject.

Create defaults.ini

Our sample defaults.ini could look something like this:

[PDF Printer]

Read more about the different settings you can make.

Place it in a distribution folder

You can have the setup program distribute custom files during the installation. The defaults.ini should end up in a subfolder named PDF Writer\7-PDF Printer under the location for common application data on the system. This is done by creating a folder named CommonAppData\PDF Writer\7-PDF Printer next to the setup program. Your defaults.ini should be copied to this subfolder.

When the defaults.ini is in place you can run the setup program. The setup program will detect the file in the CommonAppData\PDF Writer\7-PDF Printer folder and copy it to the correct location during the installation process.


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