Since version the printer supports different instances of the printer. This functionality was extended further in version 5. It means that you can install the printer multiple times. Each installation will run on a specific set of settings.

Instances could be used to setup a specific printer for printing invoices and another for printing order confirmations. Each of these instances could use different background PDFs as letterheads.

The name of the printer controls which set of setting files are used to control the printer. As you can see from the section about configuration file locations, the printer name is part of the file path to the files containing the settings.

Programmatic Instance Control

When using the API to control the printer settings, you can control which instance you want to affect. Both the COM and the .NET interface have a printername property to specify which printer you want to control.


Printer instances are installed by using the /PRINTERNAME="printername" parameter on the setup program. This installation parameter comes only with the professional setup version of 7-PDF Printer. The FREE Setup version (Community Edition) does not support it. Without a license, the Professional Edition runs in the functional scope of the community version, but for tests it should be enough.