Creating a Log File

In the event that the setup program does not install the product properly we need you to generate an installation log file. The log file is created if you add the following parameter to the setup program:


Please note that if the log file already exists it will be overwritten by this operation.

When the log file is created you can send it to our support.

Error 0x000003ee

Some users have seen the error 0x000003ee (1006) during installation of the printer. We have seen two different causes and resolutions for this problem:

  • Avast™ Antivirus - Running Avast can cause this error. Disable the program during installation and renable it when you are done.

  • TEMP environment variable - The TEMP environment variables is pointing to a folder that does not exist. In this case you should create the folder or point the TEMP variable to a valid location.

In case the setup can not install the PDF Printer, we need an installation logfile. A log file is created automatically by specifying the /LOG parameter as described above. You will also find more details about the installation parameters of the setup here.