When an ISV chooses to distribute the PDF Writer with their own software package they usually wish to supply their own download location for the Ghostscript Lite package gslite.exe.

This is done using the setup command line switch /GSLITEURL It is simple to use and is sometimes combined with the use of the /GSLITEDOWNLOADMODE switch.

Lets say you have uploaded gslite.exe to your own web site and the URL to the location is http://www.mysite.xxx/redist/gslite.exe and you want to force the download of the gslite.exe on every install of the PDF Writer. The solution is the following command line:

setup.exe /GSLITEURL=http://www.meine-website.xxx/redist/gslite.exe /GSLITEDOWNLOADMODE=always

In the command line above the setup.exe refers to the installation program for the PDF Writer. The exact name depends on the version number of the program.

Download Modes

Currently the following download modes are supported:

  • always = This will force the setup program to download and install the gslite.exe on every installation.

  • never = Forces the setup program to skip the download of gslite.exe.

  • smart = Detects if a Ghostscript installation is needed. In silent mode the setup program will download the gslite.exe if no Ghostscript was detected. In wizard mode it will suggest that it should make the download.